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Chorda e-Brochure

Updated: May 16

People are tired of dissonance

Welcome to CHORDA




The Anti-Anti-Social Club

A Prosocial Online Community

Our mission is to redefine social networking by creating an eco-centric platform that supports chosen families, educators, artisans, and cottage merchants through integrated community-driven marketplaces, educational tools, and social accounting systems that value both monetary and non-monetary exchanges.

CHORDA is founded on the principle of harmonious connections, embodying the belief that every individual has a unique chord to play in the symphony of life. Our purpose is to create a digital ecosystem where individuals can find and resonate with their tribe, align their life, work, and play around shared purposes and common causes.

We understand that cultures of gratitude, reciprocity, and respect are core tenets of healthy, enduring society.

We are committed to fostering environments that prioritize community, sustainability, and personal growth.

We are against the exploitation of your attention, your emotions,

and your relationships.


Privacy as Sacred

Personal information is treated as sacred, with progressive disclosure through Spheres of Trust. Users control how much they share and with whom.

Balancing Local with Global

Being community-minded means both knowing your neighbors and feeling kinship with strangers in faraway lands. Love is a limitless resource,

and we are all connected.

Community Empowerment

Users are empowered to govern their interactions within the platform through customizable privacy settings and community-specific protocols.

Ethical Engagement

Every interaction is guided by ethical standards that promote integrity, transparency, and respect for all users.

5 Elements of Chorda

Purpose-Driven Communities

Facilitating the formation of communities around shared interests, goals, and values, enabling deeper and more meaningful connections.

Data Sovereignty

Upholding strict data integrity and privacy, ensuring that personal data is not exploited but used ethically to enhance member experience. Value generated through participation on CHORDA flows to the member.

Spheres of Trust

Initial interactions with strangers are conducted through avatars and pseudonyms, establishing intimate containers of safety and privacy.

As the Sphere of Trust grows, more transparency features are made available.

Culture of Inclusivity

Creating an inclusive platform that respects cultural diversity and supports underrepresented groups.

Prosocial Enterprise

Implementing a system that recognizes and rewards contributions through both traditional and alternative currencies, reflecting a user's standing and alignment with community values.

Escape the Ego-Centered Cacophony

Enter an Eco-System of Harmony

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