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DALL·E 2024-06-21 16.50.57 - A simplified, flat, and papery art style depicting a unified

Aram & the Algorithms

Visual Thinking, Systems Change,
and Augmented Creativity.

Dancing With the Machine

Are we a race against time to tame the Singularity (before it tames us) or are we in an eternal dance with the evolution of consciousness?

Maui Minds

Think Local, Act Global! Maui Minds are integrated whole system thinkers; rationally creative, creatively disciplined, bioculturally-attuned to the ahupuaʻa mindset of stewarding shared abundance.

Civic Sensing

Feel into the fabric of your community: What are signs of health and signals of distress or disconnection? Are we functioning as a coherent community or isolated, individuated parts? How might we sense and understand the health of society; are you stranger or neighbor?

Augmented Imagination

Where does your mind take you when it is unleashed by the generative potential of rapid machine-assisted ideation and concept development?

System Change

As sensitive social acupuncturists in a global village under duress, how might we sustainably practice "Staying with the (Good) Trouble?"; a safe harbor for hope, love, and healing.

Visual Thinking

There is a third language, not heard, spoken, nor written; a visual language, primarily pictoral, incredibly graphic, an angle on universal communication for sighted beings.

Aram Armstrong in Kochi - CIID Life-Centred Service Design with the SDGs_edited.jpg

Aram Saroyan Armstrong

Aram Armstrong is a catalyst for change, employing a powerful blend of business strategy, design thinking, and systems practice. With a focus on visual facilitation, he creates transformative spaces that empower individuals, organizations, and communities to shape a more sustainable and equitable future.

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